Houston, Texas.


Dinosaur Birthday Parties, Amazing Dinosaur School Assemblies and After School Programs, Dinosaur Camp Activities, Shopping  Mall and other Dinosaur Theme Promotional Events.


Dinosaurs Rock Houston Texas

  From sea to shining sea, and now open in Houston Texas, families, friends, schools and businesses can enjoy the unbelievable Fun, Exciting, Entertaining and Educational "Dinosaur Events" offered by wonderful folks in Houston, Texas that have teamed up with Dinosaur's Rock®



 "The Dinosaurs Rock program was one of the best educational investments I ever made . . . this program exceeded my expectations . . . we ALL learned and enjoyed!"
Dr. Jackie Doval,
Houston, TX

DINOSAURS ROCK® Houston, Texas offers many Exciting Dinosaur, Fossil and Mineral related activities.

  • Have an amazing Dinosaur Birthday Party.

  • Enjoy a really cool Dinosaur, Fossils and Minerals School Assembly Program.

  • Schedule weekly after school Dinosaur Themed Programs.

  • Participate in unbelievable Dinosaur Summer and Day Camp Activities.

  • Hold a Fossil Dig or Pan for Gems and Mineral at your next Scout meeting.

  • Use the appeal of Dinosaurs to promote community involvement.

  • Publicize a Dinosaur Event at a local Shopping Mall to attract thousands of people.


Dinosaurs Rock Texas

It's no secret, "dinosaurs, fossils & minerals fascinate children and the child in every adult." Everyone wants to see and touch pieces of Jurassic history.

Until now, most kids and adults have had almost no opportunity to handle these ancient treasures. This has changed for Houston, Texas with the introduction of DINOSAURS ROCK®, "Dinosaur Parties, Educational Programs and Events."

Learning is enhanced by adding the sense of touch to the study of dinosaurs, fossils and minerals.  Children can become a junior paleontologist digging for fossil treasures at home, at school or at community or business promoted events.


Dinosaurs Rock Texas offers amazing School Assemblies and fantastic Birthday Parties
Houston, Texas
 We Bring the Museum to You